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Jan 2

Keeping a Loved One’s Memory Alive This Christmas

Posted by Premier Funerals

Christmas can be a challenging time for those who have lost a loved one. It’s a season filled with memories and traditions that can bring both joy and sadness. Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast understands the importance of honouring and remembering loved ones during this time. This article offers thoughtful ways to keep the memory of a loved one alive during the Christmas season.

1. Create a Memory Ornament

Craft a special Christmas ornament in memory of your loved one. This could be a photo ornament, a bauble with their name, or a decoration that symbolises something significant about them. Placing it on the tree each year can become a cherished way to remember them.

2. Light a Candle

Lighting a candle in their memory can be a simple yet powerful gesture. You can light it during a specific moment, like Christmas Eve or during dinner, as a way of inviting their memory into the celebration.

3. Share Stories and Memories

Set aside time to share stories and fond memories of the loved one. This can be done around the dinner table, by the fireplace, or during a family gathering. Encourage everyone to share a favourite memory or what they miss most about the person.

4. Donate in Their Name

If they had a charity or cause they were passionate about, consider making a Christmas donation in their name. This is a meaningful way to extend their legacy and impact.

5. Start a New Tradition

Create a new Christmas tradition in their honour. This could be something they loved doing or a new activity that you feel represents them. It can be a comforting way to feel their presence during the festivities.

6. Visit Their Resting Place

Take some time to visit their grave or memorial site. You might leave a wreath, a note, or simply spend some moments in quiet reflection.

7. Prepare Their Favourite Dish

Include your loved one’s favourite dish in your Christmas meal. This can be a way to feel their presence and spark conversations about past holidays spent together.


Remembering a loved one during Christmas can be a mix of sorrow and joy. Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast is here to support you in finding ways to honour and remember your loved one during the holiday season. For more guidance and support, visit Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast. Our compassionate team understands the importance of keeping memories alive, especially during times of celebration.