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Dec 5

Unique Wake Ideas on the Sunshine Coast with Premier Funerals

Posted by Premier Funerals

On the beautiful Sunshine Coast, commemorating the life of a loved one can be a unique and memorable experience. Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast understands the importance of celebrating a life well-lived, offering a range of wake ideas that resonate with the vibrant spirit of the region. This article explores various wake ideas on the Sunshine Coast, providing inspiration for families looking to create a fitting tribute to their loved ones.

1. Beachside Wake

Embrace the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast by holding a wake on one of its stunning beaches. A beachside wake can be a tranquil and soothing way to remember a loved one, especially if they had a fondness for the ocean. Gather friends and family for a sunset memorial, share stories, and perhaps release biodegradable lanterns or flower petals into the sea.

2. Garden Gathering

For those who loved nature, a wake in a serene garden setting can be a beautiful way to honour their memory. The Sunshine Coast is home to several picturesque gardens that provide a peaceful backdrop for a gathering. Include a tree-planting ceremony as a living tribute that will grow and flourish over the years.

3. Artistic Tribute

Celebrate the life of a creative soul with an artistic wake. Host a gathering at a local art gallery or set up an outdoor art display featuring their work. You could also invite guests to participate in a communal art project, such as a mural or sculpture, in their memory.

4. Musical Celebration

For music lovers, organize a wake that centers around their favourite tunes. This could be a live performance by a local band, a playlist of their favourite songs, or an open mic session where guests share musical tributes. The relaxed, musical atmosphere can be a comforting and joyous way to remember a special life.

5. Charitable Event

If your loved one was passionate about a cause, consider hosting a wake that doubles as a charity event. This could be a fundraiser walk, a silent auction, or any activity that supports their favoured charity. It’s a meaningful way to extend their legacy and impact.


A wake is an opportunity to celebrate a life in a way that truly reflects the person’s spirit. Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast offers the expertise and local knowledge to help plan a wake that is both meaningful and memorable. For more information and assistance in planning a wake on the Sunshine Coast, visit Premier Funerals Sunshine Coast.